Hello Everyone,     In our breeding program, we have done and will keep doing extensive research. Throughout the years, we have and will continue on making the boxer breed even better in health, longevity and conformation.
Please beware of backyard or unestablished breeders. Don't just buy any boxer puppy, do your research. Over the years, we have heard sad stories from people who couldn't wait and bought boxer puppies over impulse or that it was a good price. With some breeders it is worth the wait for the right puppy and you might be paying a little more but it is worth it in the long run!                                  

             Updated May 2018  

We have a couple exciting litters coming this summer!  To be able to select you need to be on our wait list.

To inquire, about available puppies/planned future litters, please call Corie at 845-229-2229 or email [email protected] We do have a waiting list, a $300 deposit, is required to be put on our waiting list. Email us for our waiting list contract.  

We are taking deposits for 2018 spring puppies! 

****If you do not see reserved or available on a puppies photo album then those puppies still need to be selected from the families on our waiting list.****


Wanted to share a video that was just made using our boxers and puppies! Enjoy! Look at our stud dog Komrad!

We are excited to announce that, we featured on Animal Planet in 2012, for the show called Too Cute, episode "Puppy Love". Look it up and watch it! Enjoy!



Also we have trusted breeder friends all over the world and if we don't have what you are looking for or we have no puppies available, then we can recommend breeders of top quality AKC European Boxers!!