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Quotes I went to New York in June to pick up my new little puppy Lucia... I got to meet Corie in person... She is a wonderful person, very sweet, outgoing and really helpful. Lucia is the first boxer I've ever had so I did quite a bit of research to find one I wanted. People ask me "why go to the US to get a puppy??" and I reply because I found a wonderful breeder. I was so right... Lucia is an amazingly smart, well behaved, affectionate puppy. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone. She has a wonderful personality and after having her for only a month I can't imagine having or wanting a different one! I am so looking forward to the future with my wonderful new puppy, which is more like a person!!! Quotes
Happy Boxer Mom!!! :)

Quotes My husband and I purchased a 100% European brindle boxer puppy from Corie in February and could not be more pleased! Aurora is such a lovable addition to our family! She just turned 6 months and is developing so nicely. Her temperament is great! All she wants to do is play and lick our faces. The time and effort that Corie puts into her dogs is clear, and the outcome is totally worth it! We are so glad we found you! Thanks for everything! Jesse, Amanda, and Aurora Miller Quotes
Happy owners

Quotes Hi Corie, Josie was 1 the other day. What a great year we had. Can't wait for that litter due ANY minute! Quotes
Where did the year go?

Quotes We got our two puppies brother and sister from Corie in November. They have been the most easy going pups we ever trained. They are smart, learn fast and have wonderful dispositions, not to mention they are absolutely beautiful. People right down to Corie thought we were nuts to get two puppies at the same time, I would do it again in a heartbeat as long as my pups come from Corie. Quotes
Two awesome puppies

Quotes Both our pups had a clean bill of health at their annual check ups. Abby is 52 pounds & Samson is 75 pounds. They both are smart and well behaved pups. Our lives will forever be blessed! But for me your dedication speaks volumes. I know you are there for us and pups. The two of them are inseparable even when outside. Unless Samson is up to mischief LOL. If you need a reference feel free to use me! Quotes
Thank you,

Quotes Hi Cory, Rhody celebrated his 1st birthday today! He is doing great and has been a wonderful addition to our family!! He is such a great boxer and we can't imagine our home without him. Quotes

Quotes Stormie is doing great. 7 mo. old and already 50lbs. She is an amazing addition to our family. Such a sweet and lovable Boxer. Hoping to add another Boxer soon. Quotes

Quotes Hi Cory, Aristotle is doing great--what a kind, sweet, and smart puppy. He is 13 weeks old now and knows, Sit, Stay, and wait, plus is housebroken! He gets along great with my other two Boxers! He is going to be a big, beautiful boy! Thanks! Quotes
Aristotle's mom

Quotes Hi Corie-Adrian and Apollo are doing great!They have the most gentle personalities and are full of kisses.Adrian is from Bronson and Alley and Apollo is from Konrad and Soco.We love them both! Quotes
Maria & RJ

Quotes Hi Corie! Just wanted to let you know that our girl Sophie is doing great. She just turned one last week. She is from Soco and Rocky's litter last February. She is very sweet and has a great medium energy. We absolutely love her! Quotes