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Can't be happier with our Rosie who we picked up November 2019. Great temperment, easy to train, and the friendliest fun loving girl ever. We are already thinking of another one....

Ryan & Wana McNeal

Happy Owners

Where do I begin? These Boxers are amazing. Top of the line Their temperament, their disposition, their health.... everything about them. I have 3 amazing boxer babies from this breeder family and I will never go anywhere else for my dogs. I haven't since 2007. Corie by far goes above and beyond with her dogs, and it is evident when you bring them home. My newest pup, Bayley, has been the most amazing addition to our family. The way she is with our 7 year old and 3 year old is breathtaking. Their bond is already unbreakable. We are so madly in love with her. It's safe to say I have an obsession with Boxers and I will recommend Corie to any responsible, loving pet parent who wants the BEST BREED EVER, a Rumors of Luv Boxer!!!!

Grace Diaz

Happy Boxer Mom

Buckley is an incredible boy...amazing as a tiny pup, growing up to be a gorgeous Boxer. His personality is assertive but never aggressive, very inquisitive and full of energy. He loves his big brother, Bo, so much. Sometimes too much! He is the light of our lives and we are thankful to Corie for bringing him into our lives!

Rath Family

Couldn't be happier...

Six years ago, we brought home an adorable puppy from Rumors of Luv Boxers. We named her Isis after the Egyptian goddess of magic, protection, and fertility. Isis continues to be a playful, energetic, good-natured, and healthy member of our family. She gets along well with people and with other dogs. Over the last three years, Isis has given birth to several litters under the care and supervision of Rumors of Luv Boxers. Throughout the process, Rumors of Luv Boxers has been diligent about the health and well-being of the puppies and their mother. We have been very pleased with Rumors of Luv Boxers. As implied in the name, it is obvious that they genuinely love boxers. Over the past 6 years, Rumors of Luv Boxers has been available to answer any questions we have had regarding proper care specific to the boxer breed (e.g., nutrition, grooming, etc.). The breeder, Corie, sincerely cares about the dogs and their families, long after the dogs have left for their new homes. When we are re


Happy Boxer Owner

Hi Corie, Pip is coming up on his 1st birthday. What a champ. He and his sister Josie, who will be 2 just two days after Pip's Birthday, are the best. They have brought such joy into our home, I cannot begin to tell you. We are always getting complimented on what wonderful dogs they are. Thanks for your hard work in producing such wonderful animals. Marylou Zimick, NJ

Mary Zimick

Two good to be true!

We got Jagger if February 2011, from Soco and Rocky. We did a lot of research on the breed and breeders. Corie was so great to deal with and she was always available to answer questions. Our Jagger boy is so great. He loves playing and being with us. His temperament is just perfect. Thank you Corie for caring so much about breeding such quality Boxers and taking pride in what you do. The Kenny's Morris County, NJ



Our Rocky boy was born 04/20/12 to Komrad and Isis. And all I can say is he is beautiful! He is growing so quickly and what a gentle giant. We love him and he has completed our family. Corie is wonderful at what she does and really puts in lots of effort and devotion to breeding such amazing boxers. Six months later and Corie is always there when questions or concerns arise. Thank you for bringing our Rocky into this world :)

Jane Rabadi


Arthur is the sweetest, most engaging and personable puppy I have ever had the good fortune to have. My older boxer adores him and they are inseparable. Life with him is a joy and a gift every single day. Thank you Corie, for bringing him into my life!


Lucky to be Athur's person!

My son and I brought Goku home last November. An off-spring of Komrad and was our first dog. We live in NYC which is different in that we dont have our own back yard and we live w neighbors on the same floor...the first month was tough, I wont lie...I was worried I made a mistake...I cant even begin to say how incredible of a dog Goku is. Being in the city has its advantages also...lots of socialization and play w all types of different dogs. We live in front of a dog run and not only is he one of the best looking dogs, hes also one of the most polite and best behaved...his disposition is so good, he is therapeutic to dogs who need balance...such a good dog...hes comeing up on 1 year soon...thanks Corrie..

Stephane and Etienne Venet

Hi CORIE, Ruby was from Soco and Rocky's litter in Feb 2011 so she's 18 months old now. She is an absolute joy! I'm a dog trainer and was looking for a dog to work with me and boy does Ruby fit the bill! She loves everyone and everything. At this young age, she helps socialize other dogs and works with me to help fearful dogs. Because her temperament is so sound and stable, she isn't bothered by anything! She loves to play ball, run into the waves at the beach, chase birds and when she's tired she is the best cuddle bug ever! So many people have remarked that she is an exceptional beauty (and we agree!), but most importantly she is so laid back!! Thank you CORIE! Nil & Tom O'Boyle

Nil O'Boyle

Owner/Trainer K9 Paws-Abilities Dog Training

We are the Gilners and we are in-loved with our Teenage dog ?Brutus? I have to say that at first I was a little apprehensive about getting a dog with Royal blood at least that is what I think of him or he thinks of himself. I pretty much said to my husband, why don?t we get a dog from the VSPCA right? Well, needless to say, my husband convinced me not to do that. I still think that rescuing a dog is a great thing to do, but we opted to get Brutus from Rumors of Luv. When my husband brought him home, I was hooked. I had a dog growing up, and I never thought I would fall in love with this breed after all, they all kind of look mean. He is now 7 months old, and he is the sweetest thing ever. We have a five year old, and Brutus is his brother, a hairy one, LOL, at least he calls him brother. He has a great temper, and we have not had any medical issues with him, besides the fact that he wants to sleep on our bed or sleep on the couch, he has grown at a great pace with no major concerns.



I went to New York in June to pick up my new little puppy Lucia... I got to meet Corie in person... She is a wonderful person, very sweet, outgoing and really helpful. Lucia is the first boxer I've ever had so I did quite a bit of research to find one I wanted. People ask me "why go to the US to get a puppy??" and I reply because I found a wonderful breeder. I was so right... Lucia is an amazingly smart, well behaved, affectionate puppy. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone. She has a wonderful personality and after having her for only a month I can't imagine having or wanting a different one! I am so looking forward to the future with my wonderful new puppy, which is more like a person!!!

Rose Way

Happy Boxer Mom!!! :)

My husband and I purchased a 100% European brindle boxer puppy from Corie in February and could not be more pleased! Aurora is such a lovable addition to our family! She just turned 6 months and is developing so nicely. Her temperament is great! All she wants to do is play and lick our faces. The time and effort that Corie puts into her dogs is clear, and the outcome is totally worth it! We are so glad we found you! Thanks for everything! Jesse, Amanda, and Aurora Miller


Happy owners

Hi Corie, Josie was 1 the other day. What a great year we had. Can't wait for that litter due ANY minute!

Mary Zimick

Where did the year go?

We got our two puppies brother and sister from Corie in November. They have been the most easy going pups we ever trained. They are smart, learn fast and have wonderful dispositions, not to mention they are absolutely beautiful. People right down to Corie thought we were nuts to get two puppies at the same time, I would do it again in a heartbeat as long as my pups come from Corie.


Two awesome puppies

Both our pups had a clean bill of health at their annual check ups. Abby is 52 pounds & Samson is 75 pounds. They both are smart and well behaved pups. Our lives will forever be blessed! But for me your dedication speaks volumes. I know you are there for us and pups. The two of them are inseparable even when outside. Unless Samson is up to mischief LOL. If you need a reference feel free to use me!

Karen Cegelka

Thank you,

Hi Cory, Rhody celebrated his 1st birthday today! He is doing great and has been a wonderful addition to our family!! He is such a great boxer and we can't imagine our home without him.

Brad and Kristen Lage


Stormie is doing great. 7 mo. old and already 50lbs. She is an amazing addition to our family. Such a sweet and lovable Boxer. Hoping to add another Boxer soon.


Hi Cory, Aristotle is doing great--what a kind, sweet, and smart puppy. He is 13 weeks old now and knows, Sit, Stay, and wait, plus is housebroken! He gets along great with my other two Boxers! He is going to be a big, beautiful boy! Thanks!


Aristotle's mom

Hi Corie-Adrian and Apollo are doing great!They have the most gentle personalities and are full of kisses.Adrian is from Bronson and Alley and Apollo is from Konrad and Soco.We love them both!

Maria & RJ

Hi Corie! Just wanted to let you know that our girl Sophie is doing great. She just turned one last week. She is from Soco and Rocky's litter last February. She is very sweet and has a great medium energy. We absolutely love her!


Hi Corie!! Laila is great, she is so beautiful. Very well behaved dog and great temperament! I bring her to work with me frequently and everyone LOVES her!!

Nina fingar

We have known Corie for many many years and inquired about puppies as our Boxer is getting up in years. Just so happened I ran into her right around the time Jasmine was giving birth. Funny thing is, my daughters name is Jasmine. I saw the puppies a few days later online and picked my girl. We went to see her a few times and we fell in love with another girl too. Now how could I possibly choose??? I chose not to!!!!! 2 puppies were a HUGE surprise for my husband but it was easier to ask got forgiveness than permission! Needless to say, he is in love with BOTH girls and so is my entire family. Corie is an amazing friend, breeder and caretaker. Love these babies and no regrets! Thanks Konrad and Jasmine...well done. A special thanks to Corie for all she has and continues to do and teach me! <3


2 puppies OH MY!

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