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December2011-Hello everyone,Here is an email I just received and i would like to share.

Hi Corie,

I am pleased to tell you Mr. C’s Sweet Abigale otherwise known as Abby has officially passed her pet therapy test twice! She was tested separately with Steve and I handling her. The tester was impressed with her not only as a Boxer specimen but for her calm, friendly, and tolerant temperament. Abby is the first Boxer she has certified as a Pet Therapy Dog.

Passing this test means the world to me! Abby can work with me bringing joy and comfort to children with Intellectual disabilities complicated by medical issues. I give thanks to Dr. Karen Gerlick owner of Doc’s K-9 for the training, but you get praise for your careful and thoughtful breeding! I never under estimate what you do! Abby’s reward is a return to agility which she loves and excels at.

Sir Samson will now start on the road to Pet Therapy Dog. He is a shoe in LOL. Samson is good at obedience but lacks some grace for agility. He is gaining his grace and speed now that he has slowed down in growing.

Thank you so much for allowing us to own not one but two of your Boxers! Hope all is well with you and your family. The pictures of your new home are great. When the day comes when we are looking for another Boxer pup to add to our home we will be calling you. After all Boxers are like chips you can’t just have one. My youngest son will be looking for a puppy sometime late summer or fall and he wants a Boxer. I wonder why he picked the breed?

We enjoy seeing all of your new pups and truly appreciate your dedication as a breeder.

We all wish you happy holidays and happy new year from Steve, Karen, Abby and Samson

All the best Karen


Corrie, Here are some shots of Brody James, the love of our life as busy as he can be. All four of us are just as crazy about him and with him as we were with Bentley. He is still such a puppy. I hope you enjoy. Kaiti has decided to go to New Palz in September so maybe we can bring Brody by to play and you can see just how cute he is. The love of our lives and my mother was able to have her puppy doddle as she would call him before she passed. So he is a very special one


Eileen C. Vella


Hi Corie.

It was nice talking to you earlier today; I have purchased the silica material from the web-site which you suggested; I will let you know my findings once I start using it;

Meanwhile I too have a natural web site for you to look into: 

I am using two products from them: “Longevity” and “Bug Off Garlic”

Bug Off Garlic replaces the chemical liquids that are normally used for ticks and fleas repellant; in addition garlic has many fold benefits including killing all sorts of worms which could be present inside the pet’s stomach.

Longevity, will give the dog a lustrous coat and hopefully a long and healthier life.

When Tamlin was 4 months old the Vet gave me those squeeze bottles for the dog to fight ticks and flea: Tamlin become lethargic and almost non responsive, so much so that I rushed him in the shower and washed him with soap, trying to eliminate as much of the chemicals as possible.

He made it through and I promised to do my best to find natural ways to care for his needs. I am getting closer to that goal (thanks to you also).

Wish you the best as a Breeder of what I believe is one (if not THE most) of the best breed of dogs: The Boxer (the German Boxer in particular).

Regards to your husband and a great hello to your kids and yes to the rest of the “family” also.



thank you so much for helping us pick out Guinness he is the best dog in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best!!!!!! we have so much fun with him and he is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you again for such a great litter with Guinness. We all just love him more then life itself. Just took him to the vet and they confirmed he is in good health and is 76 pounds and only 9 months.


Hi Corie,

We just had Abby to the vet she now weighs 15lbs and is considered to be in excellent health. We receive multiple compliments on her beautiful looks, along with sweet temperament everywhere we take her. Abby is officially enrolled in Dr Karen Garelick’s puppy kindergarten to start on 5/30. This will be promptly followed by basic obedience training. Abby will be assessed for her ability to participate in pet therapy training and/or agility training.

Her socialization is going very well. To date she has been introduced to humans age 6 months to 96 with ease. She also has many dog friends with Zoe being the top of her list. Steve takes her almost everywhere with him budgeting extra time for strangers who stop him routinely to ask about Abby. My last trip to Pet Country took an additional 45 minutes with her due to all the fuss, which was well worth it. I added another picture of Abby to your web site. Hope you don’t mind.

Hope you have a wonderful mother’s day.


Hi Corie,

Abby is doing well approaching 40lbs. She was spayed on 10/11 the longest day ever until I learned she was OK. She is a natural at agility. It is amazing to watch her follow every direction Steve gives her. Her speed is incredible showing no fear. In her eagerness to follow Steve’s every direction she jumped off the ramp (5ft plus) and shoulder checked him. Both of them landing on the ground with Abby on his back (have the video). On Saturday 10/9 we took her for a photo shoot at Dr. Karen’s. It was such a good day. Check out the photos on Dr. Karen’s 4th annual. The pics are amazing. Barry was impressed with Abby’s color and personality. Of course Steve made the pics as well under Portraits diving to catch Abby. The only boxers were Abby and Zoe.

The new litter of pups are adorable. In the event the waiting list does not include any of the 3 brindle males let me know. My favorite is the dark brindle followed by the reverse brindle, then classic. Otherwise I want to ensure we are on the list for a male puppy this spring.

We promise to provide a good home and love him as much as we love Abby.

Thanks Karen


Hi Corie,

I wanted to give you an update on Abby. She is just shy of 30 pounds as of Monday and in excellent health at 6 + ½ months. The vet’s office just love her personality, disposition and stellar brindle good looks!

To date she has completed two 6 week training courses at Doc’s K9 (puppy kindergarten & 4 on the floor good manners) with the same group of pups and owners. Abby is known for her desire to greet each and every human particularly the kids before her canine peer’s. In addition she is known for the protector of the underdog, keeping the bigger pups at a distance from the smaller ones. Abby will start puppy agility in September 5th, we can’t wait. To date she has learned so many things including verbal, hand and whistle signals to: stand, sit, down, stay, no jump, leave it, fetch it, drop it, heel, no sniff, spin, swirl, crate, back door, side door, pee & poop on request/command, gently taking treats from your fingers or palm and most importantly come. She is quickly learning specific names for her toys to fetch. Wow! Who wouldn’t treasure having her in their lives? There isn’t anything she won’t attempt to learn for string cheese, praise and love. Even the trainer (Vet) is amazed at how “calm her disposition is for a boxer”. To that comment I give you credit for what you do!

Outings to dog friendly establishments continue to be adventures. We are stopped by many people wanting to greet and know more about Abby. Of course her full body tail wag helps draw young and old alike. Many boxer owners we meet compliment her brindle markings, sweet disposition and calm personality.

We learned a valuable lesson when my Son’s pup snatched and ate corn cobs from the trash. After surgical removal of 3 two inch+ cob pieces from her stomach with a good outcome for the pup we now have a locking trash can (made by simply human). Any and all tasty trash is walked outside immediately. Thank goodness for Abby’s desire to please and knowledge of unacceptable behavior this would have been a 2 boxer surgical incident.

All I know is my health dealing with a chronic illness and quality of life have improved tremendously since Abby joined our lives!

Thank You!



Hi Corie,

I don't know if you remember my boyfriend chuck and I but we purchased a reverse brindle puppy from you in august from hannah's litter. Chuck and I want to thank you for raising such a healthy, happy, and personable puppy. We ended up naming our puppy Roxi, and she is now a little over 4 months and she is definitly a great addition to our little family!! We couldn't be more happier with our choice to go with a breeder and especially a breeder like you. Again thank you for being a respectable, caring, and helpful breeder and thank you, thank you, for giving us Roxi!!!

pictures are soon to come :)


Maggie & Chuck

STELLA Hanna X Bronson's litter 2010

Hi Corrie,

I hope all is going well with you and your family, i just wanted to send you a quick email telling you abut Stella who I believe you call Tinkerbell. She weighs about 28 lbs now and everywhere I go people compliment her on her looks and her wonderful friendly personality. Training is going much better then it was the last time we spoke which is a relief. She is a joy and thank you so much for breeding such a perfect little puppy!


PS I hope you enjoy the picture! I will try to send some more soon.

Hanna and Bronson 2010

Hi Corie,

We have attached pictures of our baby, Suki. She is very spoiled and very loved by the entire family. She has a great personality and is extremely affectionate.


Kelly's wife, Mary Ellen


Hi Corie! I’ve attached an updated picture of our puppy (Monkey) from your March 6, 2010 litter (I believe Rocky was sire). She’s coming up on her first birthday and she has gotten so big! She’s just over 60 lbs now and has lost all her baby fat but is starting to fill out. She has very long legs and we’re always getting complimented on her shape and markings. She loves being outside all the time – even in this cold, snowy weather we’ve been bombarded with here in CT! She loves playing in the snow and likes to walk to the top of the snow mounds we have (where she sometimes poops!). She is a very smart girl – in the fall we put an invisible fence in and she learned her boundries in 2 30-min training sessions. She also recently learned how to open our interior doors so there’s not closing her out of any room now! She loves going for rides and walks – I try to take her every day if the weather cooperates.

I recently visited your website and see that you’ve done a lot of work to it. I love the pics you have up and read about the new puppies you had in the fall. Keep up the good work – I’m always trying to convince my husband to let me get another one from you! Take care.

-           Rob & Kristen Allevo (Somers, CT)

Rocky and Soco's puppy

Hi Corie,

Things are going beautifully. Samson has settled right in with NO accidents in the house so far. Abby brings him toys encouraging him to play with her. She even brings him kibble as a treat. He is eating and sleeping well only getting up once during the night settling right back down in his crate. The Vet gave him a clean bill of health.

Samson came into his own in Puppy Kindergarten this morning. We were worried that he might have a tough time being so young. We couldn’t have been more wrong. Toward the end of class he was playing with a 3 month old German Shepard and Newfindler, holding his own despite the size difference.

Your new stud is such a handsome fellow. Matt truly enjoyed meeting him and is looking forward to owning a male boxer of his own.

Thanks again for everything you do!



Hi Corie,

We are enjoying him so much! The difference of male versus female is apparent with him. He shows no fear. I posted a picture of both of them in the “what my boxers produce” photo gallery. Unfortunately I couldn’t label it.

Hope your move isn’t stressing you out! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Your dedication is so apparent in our beloved pups! Keep up the good work. You have blessed many boxer owners and many more to follow.

Take care Karen

Lexus and Bronson's litter

Hi, We are doing very well. We named her Tiki. She has been adjusting very well to her new home. Our older boxer, Snickers, has been very sweet to her and enjoys her company. It has been a match made in heaven. All they do is play together and then sleep together. She is beginning to find her running legs and that is all she has been doing out in the yard. Tiki runs circles around Snickers and then hides while he runs his circles. We couldn't be happier. Enjoy the pictures.

Kelly and Adam 

Diesel-Gypsy and Bronson's pup 2011

Corie and Lucille: We are so happy that this sweet little puppy was still available when we called. He has brought a lot of happiness into our home. He is such a love and he is so funny and playful with all of us. He went to the vet last week and is doing great. We'll keep in touch so you can continue to see him as he grows...Thanks so much again for your time. Shan, Jessica, Shan & Avery Vitarius



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